iXCEED PACKAGING SOLUTIONS is a dynamic organization that is built on the talent of its people.  We are pushing the envelope in our industry and looking for talented individuals to join us on an exciting adventure as we redefine the packaging landscape. 

Ideal Candidate:

  • Works Hard, Plays Hard
  • Driven & Goal oriented
  • Challenge yourself and your peers
  • Passion for learning and developing new ideas
  • Has a getter done attitude
  • Enjoys giving back to the community
  • Enjoys Dogs - bring your dog to work days

French bulldog

Please send your resume to info@ixceed.ca and we'll be in touch.  

Wrong Candidate:

  • Normal 9-5 job, punch-in punch-out
  • Enjoys wearing a suit & tie
  • Fears Change and new ideas
  • Glass half empty attitude
  • Doesn't enjoy animals