China/Dishware Moving Box

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  • The China Moving Box is ideal for packing dishes, glasses, stemware, china, or any other fragile items.
  • Perfect for packing heavier items: small appliances, power tools.
  • The China Moving Box / China Moving Carton is stronger and more durable than your standard moving box.


Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 28"


5 Things To Remember When Packing Dishes for a Move

  1. Clean the dishes first: Moving is a lot of work, and if your moving day creeped up before you are ready, you may be look for a way to cut corners. Unfortunately, not washing the dishes before moving and storing is not it. While you may not have initially intended on storing your dishes after your move, things come up and if your new house isn’t ready when you thought it would be, you may have to store them for a while. In order to prevent mold and mildew from forming on dishes, always clean them before moving and storing.
  2. Use lots of tape: Dishes are especially heavy when stacked. Even if the boxes are new, it is still important to tape the boxes well to keep the dishes from falling out the bottom. Use packing tape to hold the seams of the boxes together.
  3. Pad the interior: When moving something as fragile as dishes, it is essential to pad the boxes to keep the dishes from shifting. Before putting dishes inside of the box, place crumpled up packing paper in the bottom of the box. Additionally, if there is extra space left, add bubble cushion or crumpled up packing paper to pad the dishes against the top of the box.
  4. Wrap the dishes: Next, it is necessary to keep the dishes from rubbing and scratching each other. Place a square of foam or packing paper on each dish and tuck the corners around the dish to keep it secure.
  5. Don't make the boxes too heavy: Keep in mind that everything you have to pack, you also have to lift. If it comes down to using more boxes for packing dishes or loading the boxes heavier, always use more boxes.
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