Custom Packaging


How important is the appearance of your packaging?

Packaging Facts:

  • Apple pays as much attention to its packaging as it does its products.
  • Most people judge a product by the appearance of the packaging.
  • The simplest packaging changes can yield the greatest returns.
  • Many product providers think that the product and its performance is more important than what the packaging looks like, but the product packaging can play a role in the success or failure of a product.
  • Companies must start seeing packaging as an investment, not a cost if they want to remain competitive.


Our team of experienced designers will collaborate closely with you, from design, to prototype, to manufacturing.

iXCEED PACKAGING SOLUTIONS design team utilizes the industry’s most robust software to ensure design accuracy and colour matching. 

Whatever the size, shape, construction or weight of your product, our designers will develop the perfect packaging solution to align with your brand, while meeting the legal requirements for packaging in Canada and U.S.


Contact one of our packaging specialists today.

We have an array of custom samples in our showroom, so feel free to stop by and speak with one of our design experts or schedule a consultation.

Whether you’re preparing to create packaging for a new product or re-designing packaging of an existing product, iXCEED PACKAGING SOLUTIONS can help.   

Contact one of our packaging specialists today.

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